Learn more about the Minka production process

Global Design

Minka building system partially constructed (rendering)Combining Lego block versatility with the elegant simplicity of Edo Period Japanese “Minka” architecture and Scandinavian design, Minka houses are based on a post and beam nodal system that offers nearly infinite configuration of walls, panels, posts and girders.

Minka home parts are pre-fabricated using robotic stock-removal CNC machines, similar to 3D printing, and then shipped and assembled on site in less than a week – with almost no waste.

Minka Portal Frame System w/ sheet goodsEach assembled component has a finished interior, insulated core and taped Zip Board exterior to form a fully insulated weathertight house. Minka homes are engineer certified and stamped to exceed local, state and international building standards.

Local Production

We’re designing the Minka fabrication system to be scalable and portable, enabling distributed local manufacturing for large orders.

Portable and efficient

The near zero waste Minka Factory is 100 percent portable. Because the machines can fabricate 24 hours a day, the components for single house jobs can be printed from the factory in days and shipped in a single cargo container box.  For large scale developments, portable Minka Printers can be deployed to the job site, resulting in time and cost savings. The first factory components are being built in Upstate New York.