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A Minka solution to missing middle housing

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American society is grappling with the need to improve housing affordability and density. State and local governments are increasingly embracing public policies designed to reduce barriers and incentivize creation of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as a healthy solution to increase “missing middle housing.”

The Minka Building System™ is ideal to help communities launch “ADU Superhighway” initiatives designed to accelerate ADU construction by improving public perception, creating better financing options and overcome zoning and regulatory hurdles.

The first Minka prototype is an accessory dwelling unit built in Dr. Thomas’ back yard for his daughter Haleigh Jane Thomas.

Minka One Prototype ADU in Upstate NY

What is an ADU?

By definition, they are dwellings–either attached or detached from a main house–that exist on a lot with another house. While often referred to by less than favorable terms such as granny-flats or mother-in-laws, ADUs are a critical part of the solution increasing access to affordable, accessible housing in desirable neighborhoods.

ADUs come with their own zoning regulations that enable home-owners to construct smaller structures on their property. These structures not only serve as sensibly-sized homes, they often increase the overall property value.

Minka Homes as ADUs

The Minka Building System leverages advanced prefabrication technology that allows for a Minka to be constructed on site with minimal site disturbance or need for heavy machinery. The majority of Minka’s components can be assembled from the existing foundation allowing the homes to fit in otherwise unavailable space.

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