Can you imagine what your Minka might look like?

The Minka Building System is a distinctive approach to home design, fabrication, and assembly that is faster, simpler, and less wasteful than conventional construction methods.

Spanning a distinguished 30-year career as a geriatrician, professor and advocate for elders, Dr. Bill Thomas has had the benefit of tens of thousands of unique perspectives about what people truly want in life as they age. Minka is the physical embodiment of the wishes and desires of their expressed hopes and desires for housing and independence.

The Minka Building System™

Design – Customers start with our carefully laid out floor plans to create an easily-adaptable home that takes full advantage of universally designed components.

Example 640 sq ft. Single bedroom w/ ADA accessible bathroom

Fabrication – Every component of your Minka is crafted with speed and precision by our robotic CNC Minka Printers. Fabrication can happen simultaneous to site preparation, resulting in time and cost savings.

Assembly – The precision-cut components allow for rapid assembly on site. A semi-skilled crew can assemble a Minka in less than three days. The Minka components will arrive flat-packed, offering tremendous cost savings by eliminating wide-load permitting required by most prefabricated homes.

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We pride our ourselves on our ability to provide a move-in ready home, universally-designed Minka to meet your needs no matter your age or ability. Minka’s flagship Model Two (640sf), a one bedroom layout with a spacious bathroom and complete kitchen, can be delivered to you for approximately $100,000 (excluding foundation & transportation; zoning/planning costs will vary).

Building and creating MyMinka is an intensely personal experience. The overall cost will vary based on your project type, needs and budget. We are actively working with partners to develop Minka homes as ADUs, Senior Living solutions and more!

Are you ready for a new living experience?

Minka was founded with the belief that all people live in the place and manner of their choosing. We want to hear more about your ideal home.