Frequently Asked Questions

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We will continue to update this page with the most commonly asked questions about Minka and the Minka Building System™. If you do not see your question answered below please do not hesitate to contact us.


Are Minka homes environmentally friendly?

Yes! Minka homes are manufactured using robotic CNC technology that allows the company to build house components with minimal material waste.

Are Minka homes energy efficient?

Minka homes feature SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) construction. SIP construction is considered exceptionally energy-efficient. According to research conducted by the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge Laboratory (ORNL), SIP test rooms were 95% more airtight than stick-built.

Can my Minka be built with a basement?

Yes, but this is a special request and will require collaboration between the hired contractor and Minka. This process may result in additional costs.

I live in a high wind/heavy snow region. Is Minka a good choice for my area?

Minka homes are designed based on international building standards and meet or exceed the residential building standards for all regions of the continental United States.

Are Minka homes classified as a “manufactured home”?

What defines a manufactured home varies from state to state. In New York, Minka homes are not designated as manufactured; they are considered a “kit home” constructed via SIP. As long as the construction documents are submitted to show a Minka meets local regulations, they are approved for regular construction.

What type of foundation do I need for my Minka?

Minka homes are designed to sit on a concrete slab, but exceptions can be made for special circumstances. Alternative foundations can be accommodated at an additional cost.

How is Minka different from “stick built”?

Minka simplifies the construction process and puts the control back into the homeowners hands! There’s no need for you or your neighbors to endure months of construction and disruption. Once your site is ready for construction we are in and out of your property within 2-3 weeks. Our homes use pre-fabricated, modular construction and can be assembled and finished in a matter of weeks, significantly reducing total construction costs and timelines.


How long does it take to receive a Minka once ordered?

Dependent on your place in our order queue; a full Minka takes 2-3 weeks to fabricate and ship to the build site.

How many Minka models are available?

Currently, Minkas are offered in one-bedroom and two-bedroom models. Minkas built to custom floor plan/square footage requirements are on the horizon but are not an option at this time.

Do I need a realtor?

It is not necessary to have a realtor when dealing with new construction, but it is highly recommended. Realtors have extensive knowledge of the home-buying process, and they have a wealth of industry contacts that can be helpful when you need to hire contractors and subcontractors. Realtors are also well-versed in contracts and legalities. Having a realtor represent your best interests is often worth the cost of their services.

Build Process

How long does it take to assemble a Minka?

The Minka Building System™ including: portal frame, exterior walls, roof boxes, and interior walls are designed to be assembled and weather-sealed within 5 days (under the guidance of a five-person team). Weather conditions, holidays, and contractor obligations may delay assembly.

Do I need to hire a contractor?

Yes, a licensed contractor is necessary to oversee assembly and completion of a Minka. The contractor should be experienced with all necessary permitting and code compliance in your area.