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Homes for all ages

At both ends of the age spectrum there is a growing, and largely untapped desire for communities designed to foster closer connections, health and wellbeing. No matter our age, we all wish to live in the place and manner of our own choosing. The tenents of simple living, energy-conscious building and universal design are at the foundation of Minka homes and communities.

Adaptable and flexible

Minka homes are easily adapted to meet the needs of person(s) living in them. To achieve this flexibility we use an innovative, modular building system that makes changing the floor plan easy. The Minka system has no internal load-bearing walls. So room size(s) can be adjusted to meet personal needs and preferences. Interior and exterior finishes are also modular and can accommodate a wide range of materials.

More home, less waste

Minka uses state-of-the-art fabrication technologies to consume less and create more. We use robotic material cutting routers to precision-shape sheet goods into an elegant portal frame system with customizable infill panels. The Minka Building System yields sensibly-sized, energy efficient dwellings. Minkas are intentionally designed so that each and every square foot has a purpose.

Global design, local production

Minka was designed by Dr. Bill Thomas to combine a multitude of design and craft traditions, with the use of modern and emerging global technologies in the building and engineering industries. Currently, Minka parts are made in our Upstate New York production facility and shipped to you for local assembly. Our emerging Minka Printer Network will soon create a fully distributed manufacturing process.

Minka: Homes and Communities

Minka was developed based around the notion that all people deserve to live in the place and manner of their choosing. Dr. Bill Thomas has spent decades as an entrepreneur with a dedication to innovations that help people live better lives.

Most senior housing did not evolve in a way that shared our philosophy. Rather than enabling independence in community, senior housing instead attempted to “keep elders safe” and maximized efficiency through segregation. Older people are often forced to leave their homes because they have lost their driver’s license, or they can no longer shop for and prepare food or because they fell behind on home maintenance. It takes energy, time and attention to run a household and the task is especially challenging for people who live alone, no matter their age or cognitive ability. This is especially true for those without friends or family living nearby.

After breaking bread and engaging in deep conversation with over 130 unique communities during the ChangingAging Tour Dr. Thomas founded Minka Homes and Communities. Minka takes a “goldilocks” approach to housing; developing efficient, affordable compact homes that are not too big, and not too small.

Minka M1 - Exterior (wide angle photo at USI)

Minka Founder: Dr. Bill Thomas