Minka Home rendering in a fall setting

Minka helps people create homes and communities they love, our global design and local consulting services can be applied across a wide range of scales from home design, large-scale site planning, to the integration of supportive services in the community.

Minka One Exterior w/ Patio from Cayuga Lake
Minka One Interior - Living Area
Minke One - Interior from Kitchen
Minka Interior - Full Kitchen

Minka Homes

Minka blends centuries old Japanese joinery techniques with robot driven manufacturing tools. The result is a flexible, adaptable building system with components that can be combined and re-combined to create millions of possible floor plans. Even better, this approach slashes waste and reduces the energy used by the building.

Global Design, Local Production

We work with the world’s best designers, architects, and engineers and then deliver local solutions to people who seek greater well-being. We use robotics and scalable cloud-based digital systems to print entire dwellings that are better less expensive than traditional construction methods.

Custom floor plans and designs available

The Future is Independence

“The future of independence-optimized living is a highly distributed, digitally connected, and compact housing that is continuously modified to meet the specific needs of the people living in them.”

– Dr. Bill Thomas

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