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Minka One Exterior from Cayuga Lake

An Independence-Oriented Future

At both ends of the age spectrum, there is a growing, and largely untapped, demand for communities designed to foster closer connections, health and wellbeing. Minka homes and communities are inspired by a profound respect for simpler living, energy-conscious building and human-oriented design.

Minka One Interior - Living Area

What do people want?

No matter our age, we all wish to live in the place and manner of our own choosing. Minka is the culmination of decades of visionary innovation by world-renowned longevity expert Dr. Bill Thomas.

Minka Interior - Full Kitchen

Innovative Modular Dwellings

We combine robotics and scalable cloud-based systems to design and construct dwellings better, cheaper, faster and greener than traditional methods. We fold plywood into the sturdy beams and columns that are the backbone of a Minka Dwelling’s modular, post-and-beam and infill panel system.

Minke One - Interior from Kitchen

Communities Built Together

At Minka, our team specializes in creating collaborative environments necessary to develop healthy and sustainable communities. No matter the scope of the project, Minka’s design and consulting services provide solutions ranging from master planning and space use to home and community-based care.

The Future is Independence

“The future of independence-optimized living is a shift to highly distributed, digitally connected, and compact housing that is continuously modified to meet the specific needs of the people living in them.”

– Dr. Bill Thomas

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